Economy Umrah packages for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a month, in which the mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty descend upon us continuously and every Muslim has a desire to perform Umrah in The Month of Ramadan. Being in Haram is like being in paradise in The Holy Month of Ramadan, when Allah Almighty is just waiting for us to ask for forgiveness and we are forgiven for all the sins we have done in the previous life. The month of Ramadan is a source of motivation and hope and we should always be hopeful and optimistic in regards to the mercy of Allah Almighty towards us. Keeping this noble purpose in mind, AAS Travels & Tours offering cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages

Specially for the Holy month of Ramadan, AAS Travels & Tours has developed Ramzan Umrah packages for everyone to be a part of this splendid journey.

Our services include:

  • Visa of Saudi Arabia
  • Air Ticket
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodation (Economy Class, 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star Hotel near Haram)

Everything is ready before you reach the destination for Ramzan Umrah

As pilgrims start their journey to Makkah, the most important things that they expect to receive during the whole tour are accommodation, transportation, on time receiving from the airport, neat and clean environment, cold and warm water in restrooms, neat and tidy bed rooms, air-conditioned rooms, hotels at a very short distance from Haram, comfortable flights.

AAS Travels & Tours has decided to provide all these facilities to the respected customers. From the very beginning of the journey, as the pilgrims fly from the airport, they receive the best facilities during flight, in the hotels and on ground transport. They are warm welcomed at the airport and brought straight to the excellent hotels waiting for them to relax. Special Sahar and Iftar meals are provided during the month of Ramadan.

AAS Travels & Tours always books the hotels that are centrally air-conditioned and located at a very short distance from Haram to make it effortless, painless and trouble-free for The Pilgrims to perform Umrah. AAS Travels & Tours wants to make it the most delightful customer experience possible.

We would always go an extra mile for the customers to make them satisfied and to make them spread positive words about AAS Travels & Tours, after the completing journey.

In addition to all these facilities, we have got some special qualities that are attractive for our customers. We provide all the facilities that are necessary, keeping in view all the crucial needs of the travelers and Umrah pilgrims.

  • What We Say is What You Will Get.
  • You need comfort, we have facilities
  • You need politeness, we have soft skills
  • You need good conduct, we have manners and etiquette
  • You need us to keep the promises, we have commitment
  • We provide greater than the greatest and better than the best services
  • All our customers need to travel in comfort
  • You have a limited budget, we have solutions
  • You need guidance, we have customer support

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