Hajj – the story of Ibrahim [AS] and his son Ismail, from the rebuilding of the Ka’bah to the sacrificing. Their memories etched into this golden pillar of Islam. The scholars are unanimous in their opinion that Hajj is Islam per excellence. If anyone wants a summary of Islam, they need not look beyond the rites and rituals of Hajj.

Hajj is an emotional, educational, physically demanding Ibadah. If done rightly then there is no reward other than Jannah, this is what Allah promises. With so much importance attached it is only right that potential pilgrims choose carefully. Their choice should not only consider the financial aspect but more importantly the scholarly guidance and help to circumnavigate this Ibadah appropriately. Hajj is not decreed as the final pillar of Islam by mere whim, but due to taking into consideration its difficulty and profound impact.

Ahmed Travels hajj packages are led by Advocate Maulana Rashid Ahmed. He has rarely missed Hajj since 1979 and has been providing services to Hujjaj since 1984. In addition to his scholarly advice there is a team of scholars accompanying the entire trip ensuring that guidance and help is extended at every request and every need. Being well versed in Arabic, English, Urdu, Punjabi and Bangla the team is well equipped to deal with the diverse and multi lingual UK Muslim population that Ahmed Travels attracts. Our Hajj tours are a proper advocate of Islam and Islamic brotherhood, rich and poor, black and white mingling in perfect harmony. Still there is sufficient cultural and linguistic support for localised need. As a result young and old can enjoy Ahmed Travels hajj packages.

Hajj is an obligation upon every Muslim who is financially and physically capable of fulfilling the demands of the journey. If you are one such lucky individual who has been called by Allah (SWT) then your responsibility is to ensure that you search for a reputable Hajj service provider like Ahmed Travels. When comparing cheap hajj packages advertised by various service providers, fundamentally ensure that you only consider Hajj Ministry approved [our license number 1693] and ATOL accredited [our license number 9775] agents. Only those who are approved by the Hajj Ministry in Saudi Arabia can guarantee Hajj visas, as only they have the visa quota and those who have ATOL can sell flight inclusive packages. Although it is human nature to look for a bargain, cost should not be the only determining factor. Hajj Ministry license, ATOL, experience will all mitigate the risks of being left short changed, both financially and spiritually. Hajj is a life changing experience provided by the grace of Allah (SWT). To maximise from its benefits, choosing the right agent is the first determining step.