Sri Lanka visit visa from Pakistan

Sri Lanka is a land of endless beaches, mountains, ancient jungles and historical buildings. So it will not be surprising if you are looking for Sri Lanka Visit Visa from Pakistan. It is also admirable place for Pakistani people for many reason especially Colombo that is a capital of Sri Lank and the world’s most beautiful city.

Majority of Pakistani Community go there for various purposes as the following

  • Film making
  • Spend holidays
  • To see the beauty of nature
  • Or explore the world unseen by others

Are you interested to apply for visit visa of Sri Lanka?

If you interested to go there for visit or any other intention you have to follow some rules and regulations set by Sri Lankan embassy and the our main aim is to guide you regarding your visit visa of Sri Lanka.

Required Documents for apply:

If you are going to apply for visit visa please keep in mind these documents given blow.

  • Scan copy of 1st page of Passport.
  • Scan copy of ID card.
  • Client Business Address in Pakistan (For Business Visa).
  • Client Business Address in Sri Lanka (For Business Visa)

Sri Lankan Embassy in Pakistan:

After preparing documents, you have to go Sri Lankan Embassy in Pakistan which is located in Pakistani famous city Karachi.

Here is an Embassy address which will be proven helpful.


Sri Lankan Consulate General in Karachi, Pakistan. No 20/1, 18 Street, Khanabad-e- Sham sheer. Phase V. DHA. Karachi. Pakistan.


(+92) 21 3585 4024. (+92) 21 3534 6614


(+92) 21 3585 7472

Time duration for processing:

When you submit your application in Embassy for visit purpose you are given 7 working days for decision and after seven days embassy gives decision either you are selected or refused.

Visa Validity:

Visa validity depends on your mood and duration of stay in Sri Lanka like

  • 30 days
  • 15 days
  • 10 days
  • 6 days

Role of our team in your processing

We have professional consultants who guide the customers regarding their visit visa processing and the stay there

  • Prepare complete documents
  • Prepare your file for embassy
  • Provide accommodations in Sri Lanka
  • Air tickets
  • Pick and drop facility

Therefore, Visit our office to know more about this country and different packages which is given by Sri Lanka for tourists. So call us or email us for online appointment because there is no better and suitable opportunity for you to visit such a beautiful country.

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