Turkey Visit Visa for Pakistani

Turkey is one of the major attractions for not only Pakistani people but worldwide. Definitely for visit everyone needs visa and we provide excellent visa processing services for Turkey Visit Visa from Pakistan. People who belong to Pakistan mostly visit Turkey for specific reasons as

Visit or Business Purpose

Though Turkey is a hub and an attraction for business people due to business opportunities there. But mostly people visit this beautiful country to spend their holidays because the most interesting thing for visitor is that Turkey consists of two continents. And this country is a blend of historic and modern places which always attracts every Pakistani.

Asia And Europe in One Country(TURKEY)

People visit it to see both continents with just one visa. We are providing here complete information regarding Turkey visit visa for Pakistanis either it is your business visit or you planning to spend vacations in Turkey.

Required documents for application

Here is a list of required documents and procedure that you must have before applying visit visa

  • Copies of passport previewing (showing) 1st and 2nd page of the passport and along with all the used pages that show the visa entry or exit stamps from the past.
  • Your previous travel history
  • Your fresh passport size pictures
  • Your identification card along with application
  • A valid police character certificate

Required Documents for Government Employees

If you working in any organization in Pakistan you have to fulfill following process:

  • All documents which are listed above
  • Letter head of company
  • Duration of job
  • Your position
  • A government employee must attach an Ex. Pakistan Leave or a valid NOC from the department they are working for.

If you are student or under 18

  • Documentation of your sponsor income and original bank statement.
  • If the traveler is under 18 years of age or traveling with one of the parents, he/she needs to have the written consent of other parent before proceeding.
  • Health documents are also required in visa process like polio certificate and you heath certificate.

Turkey Visa Fee from Pakistan

Type of Turkey VisaVisa fee in PAK Rupees(approx.)
Single Entry Visa7,350
Multiple Entry Visa23,930
Single Transit Visa7,350
Double Transit Visa14,700
Work Visa37,800

Embassy role

Turkish embassy plays significant role in your visit visa, when you submit your documents in Turkish embassy the officer will check your documents and ask some questions like:

  • Why you want to go there?
  • How long period you will stay there?
  • Which city you prefer to live?
  • Where will you stay?
  • And some other questions

After that embassy gives decision within four to five working days either you are eligible or not for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan.

What we do

Our company has many roles in your visit visa like:

  • We answer every type of question that you have in your mind.
  • We make you ready for the visit.
  • We provide complete guidance which city is best for you to stay.
  • We prepare your documents and prepare you for embassy interview.
  • Furthermore. we offers accommodations in the shape of hotels if you need.
  • Also we can help you to plan a complete trip including different activities in Turkey. Please check here for more details.

So, do not be late because you have no better option to visit this beautiful land with many accommodations. Therefore, visit our office or call us for online booking because we are here for you.

Why AAS Travels and Tours?

AAS Travels and Tours, a well-known Travel & Tours Company in Lahore Punjab Pakistan.  We are pleased to offer you different packages and accommodations for your visit in Turkey.  Fly with us, and see the beauty of nature and a well reputed country that is also called sandwich between Asia and Europe. It is also one of the outstanding opportunities for you to visit both continents within one passport. On the other hand, In Turkey there is a lot of things for you to visit like mountains, ancient buildings, and festivals of various kinds.

We provide online information regarding visit visa of Turkey, above all,

  • We will prepare your documents
  • Make you ready for embassy
  • Hotel booking(if required)
  • and many more

So you can hire us for visa processing of Turkey with confidence. Please visit our office or call us for your visa needs.

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