Umrah plus Turkey Packages

Lot of Pakistanis are showing more and more interest to visit Turkey from last one decade or so. Keep the interest of our clients in our mind AAS Travel and Tours is proudly announcing Umrah and Turkey Packages 2018 for our prestige clients.

This is very unique tour for all type of people but especially for married couples. As it is a wonderful gift which you can give to your better half. Umrah plus Turkey is designer exceptionally very well by AAS Travels and Tours keeping all type of clients in our mind.

Grand Yavuz Hotel

Turkey Grand Yavuz Hotel

Princess Island

Thrawat Al Huda


Umrah and Turkey packages includes the following

  • Visa processing of Turkey
  • 4/5 Star accommodation in Turkey
  • Transport in Turkey
  • Visa of KSA
  • Economy plus accommodation in KSA
  • Transportation in KSA
  • Last but not least Air Ticket

Why choose Umrah and Turkey Packages?

Turkey is a wonderful place to visit and a country that is in Europe as well as in Asia. It’s an excellent combination of both modern and historic places.

Umrah – being a Muslim every one of us has a great desire to worship Allah in Holy Kaba and visit the most Holy Mosque which is Masjid e Nabvi. Also it is matchless experience to recite Drood Shareef in front of Roza e Rasool(PBUH).

When you will have a combination of above two destinations organized by a well-known service provider then we are sure no one is going to miss it.

Are you ready to fly with your loved ones?

Plenty of us will definitely say YES, as it is great tour as Makkah & Madina are cities where Islam becomes a glimpse of hope and dignity for miserable people. And Turkey is a great place of last Muslim Caliphate.

Here are the complete details about this package

No. of Days

  • 5 Days in Turkey
  • 11 Days in Saudi Arab for Umrah
  • Total 16 Days

Travel Details of Upcoming Tour

  • 05-NOV-2018 Lahore to Istanbul
  • 09-NOV-2018 Istanbul to Jeddah
  • 19-NOV-2018 Jeddah to Istanbul to Lahore

Services Includes

  1. Return Air Ticket of Turkish Airline
  2. Turkey-Grand Yavuz Hotel (4 star hotel) with following facilities
    1. Breakfast
    2. Twin Sharing
    3. Walking distance from Blue Mosque Istanbul
  3. Airport transfers in Turkey(Airport to Hotel to Airport)
  4. Full day City tour with Lunch
    1. Blue Mosque
    2. Hippodrome
    3. German Fountain
    4. Serpentine Column
    5. Obelisk of Theodsius
    6. Topkapi Palace
  5. Full day Princess Island Tour on Ferry with Lunch
  6. Cruise Dinner also included
  7. Visa charges + Insurance for Turkey
  8. Umrah visa charges Plus Transport in KSA
  9. Makkah 6 days
    1. Tharawat Al Huda Hotel
    2. 500 to 600 meters from Haram Boundary
    3. Shared Accommodation
  10. Madinah 5 days
    1. Badar Al Anbria Hotel
    2. 300 to 350 meters from Masjid e Nabvi
    3. Shared Accommodation

Approximate Prices

  • Adult = Rs. 138,500/-
  • Child
    • Above 8 years = Rs. 122,500/-
    • Below 8 years = Rs. 97,500/- (without bed)
  • Infant = Rs. 44,500/- (ticket & visa)

To be very honest, this is one of the hottest tour package in Pakistan so reserve your seat as quickly possible.

Note: Prices may change a little bit.

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